Who we are

About us in short

TuaPath is a technology design and development team located in Fort Collins, Colorado.  


Our mission is to :
1) Study a market

2) Separate the “must have” from the “nice to have” solutions

3) Develop that solution as a service

4) Continue to modify that solution to meet new challenges and needs

5) Do it all again!


We believe that technology can help create solutions that help people to succeed.   Creating a platform allows customers to design the best solution for their issues.

We have the team and the abilities to make that happen.

What we do

Learn how we can help you

TuaPath develops student success technology and software platforms for higher education, workforce centers, non-profit agencies, and content matter experts.


  • Abstract, Idea, and Goal Mapping
  • Progress Tracking
  • Multi-lingual services
  • Consultation


  • Interface Development
  • Web and Mobile Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Kiosks
  • Multi-platform Deployments

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