In conjunction with the Career Management Center at the Colorado State University College of Business, MOCO development company is excited to announce that the EPIC milestones are about to get a facelift.

“We’re proud of the EPIC milestones and content that we have put together for our students on the TuaPath system.  After working with MOCO development company, we decided the next step was to make this content available to other Career Centers using TuaPath,” said Shawn Utecht, Manager of Career Counselling.  “All of the videos, worksheets, and content will be made ready to be branded by university wanting to provide these vital career learning objectives to their students.”

Francisco Harris, Content Design Manager for MOCO, believes this will really be a great way for a Career Services Office to be able to quickly deploy TuaPath to their students with quality content and information.  “Now a CSO can have their own TuaPath system up and running, branded with their name, logo and colors in  a very short time.  Being able to begin with quality content alleviates the need for added workload on the staff and advisors.  When the CSO advisors have the time to create their own content, it is a simple matter of plugging it into the system, allowing them to migrate to a Tuapath built with just their own content or a combination of their content and the EPIC content.”

With high quality content, created by a professional team of career professionals, the new customizable EPIC milestones will allow even the smallest CSO to deploy TuaPath right away.

To find out more about how your school can brand and deploy the EPIC milestones in your own TuaPath system, email today!