Issue #1: First Year Students Not Engaging Career Learning Objectives


Under the current approach, only a small percentage of first-year students are actively engaged in career learning.


Create an on-line system that would provide a series of 5-7 minute career learning objectives called “Milestones” that would be offered to first year students during the Business 100 class. Mandate that each student complete at least 4 Milestones in order to receive credit for the class.


During the first year after launch, students were registered on the TuaPath system and completed a total of 1800 milestones.  This increased the exposure to the Career Center by 4x per student.

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The CSU College of Business is a rapidly growing state of the art college on the CSU campus.  The College’s Dean, Ajay Menon, has invested greatly in the career center to make sure that all students are prepared and put in the best possible situation for being hired upon graduation.  Dean Menon appointed Sue Schell as the Director for this mission.  As a successful business executive in the financial industry, Sue had the expertise and tenacity to assemble just the right team to execute the plan.  When Sue took over, it was clear that something must be done to increase the amount of first year students engaging the career center.  She realized that there was much a first year needed to learn in order to progress well toward career readiness and that waiting until senior year, although common, was a serious detriment that needed to be addressed.

The team decided to introduce the student to career center offerings during the Business 100 class.  Although this was a good idea, they quickly realized they needed a way to actually engage the students with the career center, rather than simply give information or point them to the website.  This is where the team decided that an online directed path would be useful and where the idea for TuaPath was born.


The College of Business has approximately 2500 undergraduate students seeking degrees in one or more of the six concentrations offered.  The classes are evenly split into approximately 625 students.  Prior to the adoption of TuaPath, the Career Center would visit First Year classes and encourage students to visit the Career Center, as well as host special events in an attempt to draw First Years into a discussion.  By most standards, this approach produced a “good” outcome, resulting in the Career Center having at least that one contact with each student during the student’s first year.  However, Sue Schell and her team knew if they really wanted to make an impact on the student’s career readiness, the first year student would need to have multiple contacts with the Career Center and the student needed to engage in several Career Learning Objectives (“CLO’s”) as early as possible.


Sue Schell and the counseling team, led by Jenn Long and Shawn Utecht, sat down and organized all of the CLO’s available to students throughout their college career and turned each CLO into a “Milestone.”  The Milestones were reviewed and reworked multiple times with the goal of making each Milestone “simple, doable, and valuable.”  In the end, 45 different Milestones were created and the team named them the “EPIC Milestones.” EPIC is an acronym that neatly divides the Milestones into four categories to be completed over four years.  The four categories are Explain, Prepare, Implement and Continue.  The “content” (the EPIC Milestones), was now ready to be placed on the TuaPath platform.  Using TuaPath, the EPIC Milestones were disseminated online to each and every first year student, giving them 24/7 access to the CLO’s, (including videos, sample documents, workshops, etc.) presented in a directed path of learning according to the specific needs of their major and year.  Career Learning was literally now at their fingertips.


Every College of Business student is required to take the Business 100 class.  During this class, the student is taught how to successfully navigate the academic experience and a central focus is around preparing for a career and getting hired.  The Milestones were placed on the TuaPath platform and introduced to each first year student in their Business 100 class.  In order for the student to receive credit, the student had to complete some initial Milestones.  These Milestones build the proper foundation for career learning and lead the students down a path of career readiness.  Prior to the creation of the EPIC Milestones hosted on the TuaPath platform, first year students had minimal engagement with the Career Center and limited responsiveness to all they could be doing as First Years to practically move toward career readiness.

After the implementation of this innovative solution, 100% of first year students had completed all 4 foundational Milestones,(totaling 1800 completed Milestones) and were also familiar with the CLO’s available to them for the duration of their college career.  The online EPIC Milestones increased the exposure of the Career Center 4x, without the need to add more staff.

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