Issue #2: Counseling Appointments Should Be More Productive


The student’s lack of basic career knowledge causes career counselors to spend valuable time giving students general information that should not ideally require counseling time.  Thus, a counselor’s valuable time and talent, which should be spent on teaching core learning and taking students to their optimal level, is arguably wasted.


Organize and present all Career Learning Objectives (“CLO’s”) in a directed online format that is easily followed by students and tracked by counselors.  Confirm that requisite information is reviewed by the student prior to a scheduled appointment with a counselor (via the online counselor portal).  Clarify and dig deeper into questions and issues at the appointment.


Across the board, counselors are having more productive, meaningful meetings at CSU.

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The Career Center at Colorado State University is one of the largest and most innovative centers in the country.  In 2012, CSU hired Jeremy Podany, who has an extensive background in career services and technology in the career center space, to serve as Director of the Career Center.  Upon arriving at CSU, Jeremy took great care in building his team, knowing his greatest resource is a counseling team’s ability to shepherd a student through the often complex pathway to career readiness.  In addition, Jeremy wanted to make sure that every CSU student has access to a plan for their career.

He engaged the CSU community at large to acknowledge that career readiness is not merely a Career Center endeavor, but an endeavor that should be embraced by the entire CSU community.  Jeremy has been successful at gaining support and visibility for the Career Center on campus and has launched many programs during his brief tenure. One in particular was to make sure that his counseling team is spending their valuable time wisely.  For instance, when meeting with a student, a counselor should ideally be able to process ideas with an informed student rather than using precious counseling time teaching a student concepts that could easily be taught ahead of time with a video, worksheet, etc.


Every student falls on a scale of career readiness from 1 (being completely unprepared) to 10 (being “career ready”).  It was apparent to Jeremy that an overwhelming amount of the counselor’s time is devoted to getting students from “1 to 5,” or from “2 to 7,” and very little time was left to bring the students from “7 to 10,” a place where true, meaningful progress takes place.  Jeremy believed that if a student was given access to basic career learning content BEFORE they came to meet with a counselor, the meeting would be more productive and the conversation more rich.


Jeremy decided to adopt TuaPath as a solution that would allow him to deliver CLO’s to students online in a directed path, making it possible for students to gain meaningful career learning prior to coming into the career center for a meeting.  Jeremy met with his entire team and brainstormed all of the CLO’s that students needed to complete in order to be career ready.  The team came up with over 50 CLO “Milestones” and a couple of months later, “RAM Career Ready” was born.  Now, in an appointment confirmation email, students are directed to RAM Career Ready with a list of prerequisite Milestones to be completed prior to coming to the appointment, equipping the student with the relevant background knowledge and information to have a meaningful discussion with the counselor.


Students are completing Ram Career Ready Milestones and coming to counseling meetings more prepared.  Counselors are encouraged, beginning to see the change in conversations from repetitive, basic information to more mature, meaningful conversations about career and individual progress.

There is now hope of bringing these students to 10.

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