Issue #3: We Need to Accommodate More International Students


International Students need to have an intense learning experience in order to be prepared for career in the United States, more than their domestic student peers.  Budget and time constraints greatly restrict the number of international students who can benefit from such an experience.


Adopted TuaPath to host the Program Steps for UIUC’s International Career Certificate Program, an intense learning experience designed specifically for international students.  Gave its Director the ability to track learning, offer feedback and increase its class size by 30%.


UIUC successfully launched its International Career Certificate Program on the TuaPath platform. As a result, the Program easily accommodated a 30% increase in the number of students.  The Director of the program, Un Yeong, feels confident that with using TuaPath, the career center will be able to scale to accommodate up to 3 times as many students currently enrolled in the program.

UPDATE:  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was honored for its ICC program at the 2016 NCDA Conference.  TuaPath is proud to have played a part in the incredible program that UIUC has offered their International Students.

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The University of Illinois has the third largest population of international students in the U.S.  In 2014, the University of Illinois hired Un Yeong Park, currently serving as Visiting Assistant Director at the Career Center, to create a certificate program to address many of the unique issues faced by UIUC’s international student population.  The program is an intensive 8 week program that currently accepts 60 students per semester.  The program is very competitive and attracts many applicants.  It is divided into eight sections and the students traverse the curriculum with an advisor.  This is one of the first programs of its kind in the United States.  The international student faces many challenges not experienced by their domestic counterparts.   Specifically, career readiness and finding a job in the U.S. has many more dynamics including immigration issues, cultural differences and visa requirements.  These students require an intense program to teach them how to overcome these obstacles and become career ready for jobs in the US and abroad.


Under the current system, the International Certificate Program was only able to accommodate 60 students per semester.  Although the Program is not designed to include every international student, the Career Center wanted to increase the number of international students that could be accepted into the program without increasing staff.


The University of Illinois adopted the TuaPath platform to host the learning objectives of its International Career Certificate Program.  The platform allows the program content to be presented as a directed learning pathway that shows the students clear steps to program completion, including “milestones” that need to be completed such as videos, online worksheets, quizzes, tasks, etc.  For the Director’s convenience, the platform hosts each class’ content, keeps attendance, gathers report data, provides email communication and gives the Director a clear insight into the progress of the class as well as an individual student.

Utilizing the TuaPath platform to run the program, the Director is now able to easily and efficiently coordinate and communicate with more students.  Students are also able to track their progress online, freeing up more time for meaningful student/advisor interactions and overall efficient administration of the program, to the benefit of more international students.


Upon the initial launch of TuaPath, the first class was automatically scaled to an increase of 30%.  The students completed over 2000 milestones in the first ICC program using TuaPath.  Director Un Yeong anticipates that use of the platform will continue to increase the class sizes over the next year.

UPDATE:  The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was honored for its ICC program at the 2016 NCDA Conference.  TuaPath is proud to have played a part in the incredible program that UIUC has offered their International Students.

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