TuaPath™ Overview

Reach Career Learning Objectives

TuaPath™ takes the idea of milestones or steps to reach a goal and puts it into an interactive advisor/student software system.  The idea is simple:

1) TuaPath allows the career office to put their Learning Objectives into an online milestone format, creating a pathway to career success.

2) The student can now visualize the work that lies ahead and begin to engage the career center earlier in small, manageable steps, building toward their end goal upon graduation.

3) Giving the student background or process information in an online format allows for more rich discussions to take place during appointments and walk-ins.  Counselors can spend more time utilizing their skills and expertise helping students substantively rather than simply be a resource of repeatable information.

Milestones make TuaPath™ into Your Path

TuaPath™ is a student success technology that career centers can use to turn their Career Learning Objectives into online milestones for students.

1) TuaPath milestones can be videos, worksheets, web forms, event attendance, third-party apps, adviser meetings, or any other number of tasks.

2) TuaPath career pathways software  can be setup with the EPIC milestones to launch with or as a blank slate for the Career Office to create their own content.

3) With a mix of required and optional milestones, CO advisers can help students create personalized career pathways, unique for each student.

4)  Sponsorships, event notifications, or incentives can be added to the site and milestones.

Increase Effectiveness with Progress Tracking

TuaPath™ career pathways software provides Progress Tracking for the Career Office staff and for the Students that:

1) Allows the student to see where they stand in comparison to the career pathways of their peers.

2) Gives the Career Office an overview of where each class is at in their progress in the Career Learning Objectives.

3) Increases the number of Student Encounters with the CO and the Learning Objectives without increasing the number of staff.

Want to know more?

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Would you like to take TuaPath™ for a spin?

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